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Hello! Welcome in Brice Mensah Fashion Lab.

Design, especially in fashion range, is our passion. Our work is based on many years of personal experience, knowledge of the whole process - through the design, development, production, to final inspection of its quality.

We are the first studio and we dare to say, that even one of its kind and focus in the Czech Republic, which offers a complete or partial solution to your apparel project. If you know what you want, we can help you to reach your goal.

The team, which participates in the clients projects have experience as a fashion designers, graphic designers, pattern makers, production engineers, material specialists and testers in a number of well-known and successful apparel companies, both domestically and abroad.

We are a small studio, which is based on building relationships with professional apparel companies around the world. That way, we recognize our clients the most in-depth, in order to understand the nature of their products and understand their wishes. Therefore, we become frequently the external part of their business. The fact that we know, what we are doing and what results we are able to deliver, our clients consider us frequently as a part of their know-how.


As the name of the studio suggests, it’s liaison person is a leading Czech designer Brice Mensah, who in addition to a significant achievements in the field of authorship penetrated between well-known names in fashion industry, which underlines his uniqueness.

After studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and Basel Academy of Design, Brice Mensah gained professional experience as a designer in several Czech and international clothing companies, where gradually went through all positions, from junior designer to creative director.

In the meantime fashionista establishes brand BRICE MENSAH and immediately with his first collection "Simply white" is receiving an award Top Styl Designer 2009, granted by international fashion and footwear trade fairs - Styl and Kabo in Brno.

The increasing number of orders and enquiries from private customers as well as corporate clients, it wasn’t possible to keep a long time under one brand, therefore in 2013 was Brice Mensah divided into studios BRICE MENSAH for a part of the author's works for private clients and part for technological developments intended for business customers.

Brice Mensah Fashion Lab is not only a common design studio, but, as its name suggests, the real development laboratory which is not only focused on the visual characteristics of the products, but at the same time on their high utility and ergonomics with regard to the possibility of their application in industrial production.

Our work is sophisticated, never-ending and constantly important, but also extremely creative, challenging and exciting. In all aspects, it’s always a great feeling for a job well done to all parties involved.

The world of Brice Mensah Fashion Lab is constantly inspiring us and brought us so up to this point, where we can no longer wait you to reach us for mutual cooperation, so we can become an integral part of your team and bring you a great results of our work.

Contact us right now and share with us our passion for fashion and design.


We are part of the author's design studio BRICE MENSAH, who specialize in professional assistance in the development, which is intended primarily / but not only to / firms active in the apparel industry.

What are we doing

With a heavy dose of experience in the field of fashion and clothing industry we can help in the following steps:

BM Fashion Lab | Brice Mensah

apparel design and design of footwear and fashion accessories, including technical drawings intended for production

BM Fashion Lab | Brice Mensah

pattern making and workmanship technology, training clothing materials

BM Fashion Lab | Brice Mensah

communication with production - domestic and foreign (technological solutions to technical problems)

BM Fashion Lab | Brice Mensah

mediation of best manufacturers in the Czech Republic and abroad

BM Fashion Lab | Brice Mensah

production quality control in place of supplier


Mr. Mensah, with a new designs and cuts we have a great success within existing and new customers, for which I should thank you especially!

Take care and thanks once again for your help! :)

Martin K
owner of the apparel company /CR/

Brice is certainly one of the most talented designers I've worked with so far. Great sense for fashion design and constantly moving forward. Always great to work with!

Martin L.
Professional photographer /SAE/

Brice, just want to let U know that all is well done! Our management is very satisfied with your work and from support of your team. Also the first customer reactions give us confidence that our decision to hire U was good. Thanks a lot! My great honor to had chance to work with U!

Kim L.
Leader Development Manager in the apparel company /S.Korea/

Mr. Mensah, we are excited from a new designs. After last collection, which you have created for us, it become an immediate success and opened door for us in foreign markets, which we didn’t think of you come up with something better. We are pleased that we have come across to you, looking forward to a future cooperation!

Jana A.
garment company owner /CR/